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Since 1996 we have been here for bereaved parents and family members including siblings. If you have experienced the devastating loss of a child of any age, we invite you to attend our next meeting. Everyone there has been directly affected by the death of a child and can truly understand much of what you are feeling. Your decision to attend may be difficult, but you will not be judged. You will find comfort in knowing you are not alone in your pain. We join together to remember our children, learn coping skills, and make friendships that can help carry us through the most difficult times of our lives. We need not walk alone. We are The Compassionate Friends.

To The Newly Bereaved

When your child has died, suddenly it seems like all meaning has been drained from your life. When you wake in the morning, it’s difficult to get out of bed, much less live a “normal” life. All that was right with the world now seems wrong and you’re wondering when, or if, you’ll ever feel better.

We’ve been there ourselves and understand some of the pain you are feeling right now. We are truly glad that you have found us but profoundly saddened by the reason. We know that you are trying to find your way in a bewildering experience for which no one can truly be prepared.

When you’re newly bereaved, suddenly you find yourself on an emotional roller-coaster where you have no idea what to expect next. TCF is here to help, to help you on this difficult journey. 

"Great things are done by a series of small things brought together"

Vincent van Gogh

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